Via Nicola Persico, 9 - 23

Gioia del Colle (BA), Italy

Via Giosuè Carducci, 23

Cortenuova (BG), Italy


EMMEGI Spa is a leading Italian company specialising in the production of electro-welded gratings and related products: metal flooring, fences, architectural panels, louvered screens, balustrades, stairtreads and gates.

La sede di Emmegi Grigliati spa a Gioia del Colle
Raw self-coloured mats 6100 x 1000 mm

Cut to size, hot dip galvanised framed panels

PIC 1-2: Torvaldaliga Enel Power plant, Italy; PIC 3: walkway above an industrial tank, UK
Pedestrian urban floor grating


Fences in steel grating: 

PIC 1-2: Daunia viewing wall @ World Trade Center, New York, USA; PIC 3: Coloured Daunia fence
PIC 1:  Biancalancia; PIC 2: Biancalancia residential area in Spain; PIC 3: Altavilla

screening louvers

Frangitalia electrowelded screening louver
PIC 1 : Nissan Technical Center, U.S.A;   PIC 2: Residential screening fence

security Fences

PIC 1: Daunia Security Fence for P.D.V.S.A. Venezuela;    PIC 2-3: Fences for Military installation

Fences for Stadiums

  • Champion
  • Champion D.M.
PIC 1: Champion D.M. @ Beirut football Stadium
  • Bridge
  • Svevia
  • Malvasia
PIC 1: Svevia parapet in Los Angeles; PIC 2: Svevia balustrade @ Sacramento shopping mall, U.S.A.

Mesh types

  • Svevia
  • Daunia
  • Peucezia
  • Egnazia
  • Frangitalia
  • 42×132 mm
  • 42×44 mm
Raw self-coloured mats in standard measures

Cut to size, hot dip galvanised framed panels

PIC 1-2: No panic stairtreads; PIC 3: standard stairtread

GRP General Polyester Resin, Isophthalic, moulded Grating 
Large availability in stock
CE-marked steel Gates designed and manufactured according to the latest European norms and safety standards

PIC 1: Sliding gate ; PIC 2: two-leaf gate ; PIC 3:  Gate with laser-cut decoration; PIC 4-6: other examples

Quality Standards: EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001, EN ISO 1090-1 . Emmegi spa gratings are CE marked as they are manufactured in compliance with European Standard EN 1090-1:2009 + A1:2011

C E marked gates. Every single gate produced by EMMEGI spa is equipped with a metal identification plate marked C E

Large stock of products

Wide availability of raw sel-colored gratings stored in covered areas; galvanised and finished products ready for shipment are stored in the open yard.




The Technical Department has decades of experience in the supply of gratings for civil and industrial projects: framed and galvanised panels, cut to size and shaped according to the customer’s needs and to executive drawings.

EMMEGI spa offers a complete technical assistance service, from the selection and sizing of the grating according to the expected loads , to the optimisation of panel sizes to reduce waste and costs.

Executive technical drawings, approved by the customer, are transferred in real time to the workshop production lines via the CAM system.

Workshop fabrication: linear diagonal. circular cuttings, laser cutting, framing, kick-plate shaping and welding.


Each panel has is identified by a metal plate with the corresponding drawing number and all packagea are identified by a plasticised tag. All shipments are accompanied by a detailed packing list.


Fast shipping by truck throughout Italy, including the islands. For foreign countries, transport is either by road or by sea in 40′ foot containers.



The extensive know-how, gained in  the production of press-welded gratings and electro-welding technologies, has enabled the company to consolidate its position among the leading manufacturers in the sector with a growing turnover that has been matched in recent years by an expansion of the workforce, which currently  amounts to 80 units. In addition to the domestic market, the export portion has grown to a great extent: a commercial success that has enabled the company to develop products and services that are increasingly responsive to customer needs and to offer customised solutions with an optimal quality-price ratio.

quality of emmegi spa gratings

The company’s guidelines are inspired by absolute compliance with the current regulations in the steel and construction industry. EMMEGI spa was one of the first manufacturers of press-welded gratings to have adopted the quality standards required by EN 1090 for manufacturers of structural steel components. In addition to operating according to an effective Quality Management System in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, the company has obtained the important UNI EN ISO 14001 certification by presenting an environmental impact plan that implies an ongoing commitment to the prevention of pollution and respect for the environment. EMMEGI Spa, also has been working to adapt and promote, both in Italy and abroad, the UNI 11002-1/2/3 standards that define the quality requirements of the steel gratings.

The start-up of a new production line, the acquisition of new machinery and the automation of the welding processes have made it possible to perfect the quality of products and to present a wider variety of products on the market.The use of high quality steels, accompanied by steel mill certificates, and the meticulous control of processing stages (electrofusion, hot-dip galvanizing, painting and plasticization), guarantee the optimal quality of EMMEGI spa gratings.

The Technical Department and the entire sales network are always attentive to tight long-lasting relations with customers and devoted to clients’ needs to maintain a high degree of customer satisfaction.



Emmegi spa main offices and production plant is located in Gioia del Colle in the south east of Italy.  The  plant produces about 12,000 tons of grating/year on four production lines and markets its products in the domestic and international markets  (America, North Africa, Asia, Europe).  A second logistic base operates at Cortenuova, near Bergamo, for a quicker delivery to all areas of northern Italy.  

emmegi spa and RESPECT FOR the environment

Regarding respect for the ‘environment EMMEGI spa can boast of being a green company in fact and in spirit. It has always paid the utmost attention to reusing metal scrap and minimising  waste.With the same intent, all manufacturing processes have been optimised so as to raise the production efficiency of the plant and consequently reduce the impact on the environment.It is not only tha.  EMMEGI spa uses self-produced electricity thanks to the photovoltaic system built on the roofs of the Gioia del Colle plant. About 80 percent of the electricity produced by the 900 kWp photovoltaic system is used by the company, while the remainder is fed into the national grid.


Today, EMMEGI Spa is a company that looks to the future with the desire to grow further, so much so that the construction of a new warehouse and the expansion of the existing warehouses to accommodate a new grating production line is already underway. Commercial growth is not the company’s only goal; the other important aspect is in fact the continuous enhancement of the company’s human capital; in fact, much of EMMEGI spa’s success derives above all from the commitment and  the capacity of winning team that the more time passes, the more it increases the spirit of belonging to the company to which it confers the most important value. 

There is no growth without the enhancement of human capital. The achievement of EMMEGI spa in fact derives above all from a close-knit team that, over time, has become a true and large Family.