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Steel Grating Stair Treads

Emmegi spa manufactures stair treads in steel grating, for outdoor staircases and safety stairs.

The stair treads are made of metal grating, in standard dimensions, or to customer-supplied dimensions. The standard size steps, produced in various grating meshes, are available from stock, hot-dip galvanised and ready for delivery.

The grating stair treads offer several advantages, including robustness and easy maintenance and cleaning. Their flexible design makes them versatile and adaptable to different aesthetic and functional requirements.

Features and advantages of metal grating stair treads

  • Drainage: this key feature of the grating that allows water to flow through the panels eliminates the problem of water pooling on the staircase, reducing the risk of slipping
  • Anti-slip: The gripping characteristic of the bearing bars, which can be increased by using super anti-slip serrates bearing bars, makes grating steps a safe choice for outdoor areas exposed to rain and moisture.
  • Durability: The hot-dip galvanising treatment of the grating stair treads makes them resistant to weathering and corrosio, ensuring a long service life.
  • Ease of installation: The grating stair treads are relatively easy to install; equipped with side flat plates, they are can be bolted directly to the staircase structure.
  • Flexible design: The grating stairtreads offer flexibility in design as they are made from grating panels that can be cut to the dimensions and shapes desired by the customer linear, diagonal or circular cuts.