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Antivertigo System

No Panic anti-vertigo gratings

Anti-vertigo grating has been specially designed for people suffering from vertigo. In fact, grating platforms and walkways are often installed at a considerable height; this situation can create situations of considerable discomfort. EMMEGI spa manufactures a system of anti-vertigo gratings, which obstruct the view of the area below. Thanks to the use of bearing bars with a shaped profile, it has been possible to achieve total visual screening through the panels and the stair treads from any angle of observation

EMMEGI spa Anti Vertigo System is composed by No Panic flooring panels and No-Panic stair treads. It finds extensive application in emergency stairs and fire escapes routes.


EMMEGI spa’s anti-vertigo system is:

  • ANTIVERTIGO: Total screen out effect from any angle of observation.
  • HEEL PROOF: 15mm space between the bearing bars
  • ANTI-ICE: no ice can be retained.
  • ANTI-SLIP: according to DIN 51130 – R10 CLASS

Platforms and walkways in anti vertigo gratings

Antivertigo flooring panels can be combined together to create a continuous surface. A platform or a walkway is  composed of several intermediate modular panels and an end panel characterised by anti-slip nosing.

  • A: End panel with nosing (1200 x 320 mm )
    Weight: 17,8 kg/each (galvanised)
  • B: Standard Pannel  (1200 x 286 mm )
    Weight: 16,2 kg/each (galvanised)

No Panic Stair Treads

The anti-vertigo stair tred passed the load tests according to UNI 11002, test report RCS 002/13/MG dated 29/3/2013.

Maximum clear span between supports: 1500 mm