Antivertigo System

When platforms and stairs, made of open mesh, are placed at high elevation they might cause dizziness. For such reason, EMMEGI has developed an ANTIVERTIGO SYSTEM that has been specifically designed to provide a visual barrier  when looking down  at the floor or the staircase.  The characteristics of the special grating of the Antivertigo system designed by EMMEGI is the special shape of the bearing bar, capable of obstructing the  see-through  from any angle of observation.

Characteristics of  EMMEGI spa Antivertigo System

  • ANTIVERTIGO total screen out effect from any angle of observation.
  • HEEL PROOF 15mm space between the bearing bars
  • ANTI-ICE no ice can be retained.
  • ANTI-SLIP according to DIN 51130 – R10 CLASS.


EMMEGI ANTIVERTIGO SYSTEM find extensive application in emergency stairs and fire escapes and is composed by NO PANIC STAIRS and modular FLOORING panels.