Via Nicola Persico, 9 - 23

Gioia del Colle (BA), Italy

Via Giosuè Carducci, 23

Cortenuova (BG), Italy


EMMEGI spa produces a wide range of modular steel fences, robust and made to last over time, galvanised or painted.

Fencing is a fundamental element for protection, but it is also has an important aesthetic value capable of highlighting the architectural features of the buildings and the area to be fenced off. All EMMEGI spa’s fences have  common features: robustness and simplicity of erection. The panels are supplied in standard dimensions and complemented by the cut-to-size panels required to follow precisely the length and changes of direction of the perimeter. In addition to the panels and posts, all fixing elements are supplied.

EMMEGI spa fences are delivered in the hot-dip galvanised version or are painted with thermosetting polyester powders, giving the product excellent resistance to atmospheric agents and ultraviolet radiation,  guaranteeing colour stability. A wide range of colours is available to choose from.

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— Open mesh wire Fences

— Fences for Stadium and Playgrounds