Via Nicola Persico, 9 - 23

Gioia del Colle (BA), Italy

Via Giosuè Carducci, 23

Cortenuova (BG), Italy

Jovia welded wire mesh fence

Jovia welded wire mesh fence by Emmegi spa is made of rigid modular panels, width 2505 mm, mesh 50×200 mm, vertical round bars Ø 5 mm (centre distance 50 mm), horizontal round bars Ø 5 mm (centre distance 200 mm). No. 2 or 3 horizontal ribs, mesh size mm 50×55, depth mm 43.

Post consisting of a trapezoidal profile machined from galvanised steel sheet and provided throughout the height, at a constant pitch of 100 mm, with suitable notches for attaching the panels, section 67×67 mm. Black MOPLEN cap for the upper closure of the upright.

The panels are fixed by simply inserting the ends of the panels into the notches provided on the uprights and locking them near the ribs (folds) using special stainless steel clips. Standard centre distance mm 2555.