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Environment and quality

Integrated environment and quality policy

EMMEGI S.p.A believes that ensuring quality and proper environmental management should be an integral and fundamental part of the company’s mission, for growth and strategic development in line with present times. In this perspective, the company has implemented and maintains an active Integrated Management System (IMS) focused on continuous improvement and compliant with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

In this context, the company’s top priorities are:

  • To satisfy customers by understanding their actual needs in order to prevent complaints and ensure compliance with customer requirements and applicable regulations.
  • To optimise costs and improve internal efficiency.
  • To respect the environment in all its aspects by understanding and controlling the impact factors determined by our processes/products and services, as well as preventing any form of pollution.
  • To ensure that environmental performance meets and will continue to meet legal requirements and company objectives in relation to this policy.
  • To adopt technological processes that offer the best environmental impacts under technical and economic terms.
  • To manage processes and related activities in order to ensure continuous improvement of the IMS through the definition of objectives consistent with the company’s activities and development programs, as well as significant environmental impacts.
  • To achieve maximum integration with material suppliers in order to offer a product/service suitable for the customer.
  • To provide all staff with suitable tools to manage their activities, inform and train them on specific tasks, company objectives, and on means/tools available to achieve them, and also constantly raise awareness of environmental respect.
  • To comply with current legislation, relevant to environmental regulations, and other commitments made by the company, as well as the real and legitimate needs of anyone directly affected by the company’s activities in the territorial context.
  • To protect the environment, prevent pollution and resource consumption by formulating objectives for continuous improvement of environmental performance.
  • To communicate and involve stakeholders.

The company’s management takes personal responsibility for pursuing these objectives, entrusting their practical implementation to all motivated and sensitised operational staff, while exercising continuous oversight over compliance through the role of the Quality Assurance and Environmental Management Manager (RSI) and periodic reviews of the effectiveness and efficiency of the implemented integrated system.

In particular, the RSI has the authority to intervene in any production and control activity to ensure that performance, both in terms of quality objectives and environmental objectives, conforms to specifications.

This policy is made known to all staff, strategic suppliers, local authorities, and is also made available to anyone who requests it in order to fully involve them in pursuing the company’s quality and environmental objectives.

This policy is reviewed annually based on the results of the environmental management system to validate/review environmental objectives and targets.