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Gioia del Colle (BA), Italy

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Frangitalia vertical

FRANGITALIA, higher degree of protection and visual screening

Its unique and elegant design blends particularly well with modern architectural solutions and offers freedom to be installed in both vertical and horizontal applications.

Applications: Other than perimeter fencing, typical applications of Frangitalia are  sunscreens, visual barriers, wall cladding, screening of parking structures, visual concealment of  mechanical equipment and gates.

FRANGITALIA Vertical | Technical Specifications

Modular panels, monolithic, without joints, made of  louvre profiles formed by specially shaped 50×1.5 mm louvered bars electrowelded to 4mm diameter vertical round bars.


  • Material UNI EN 10025 S235JR carbon steel
  • Louvered elements: 50×1.5 mm
  • Round bars: 4mm diameter
  • Distance between round bars: 132 mm
  • Distance between louvered elements: 46 mm
  • Panel Frames: two horizontal  top and bottom 30×4 mm flat bars  folded and perforated at the ends


  • Material: UNI EN 10025 S235JR carbon steel
  • Standard posts:  T-profile steel bar 50×7mm
  • Posts are provided with two holes, at top and bottom,  for hooking the panels

Fixing Elements

  • Standard system: Hexagon head screw M10x30 and stainless steel hexagon nut M10
  • Anti-theft system: TTQST M10x30 screw and M10 stainless steel anti-theft nut


  • Hot-dip galvanisation according to UNI EN ISO 1461
  • Polyester powder coating in a wide variety of colours

Standard measures

  • Width of panels: 1992 mm
  • Heights: various height, see table
  • Distance between posts: 2000  mm (center-to-center)

*Panels can also be supplied in shortened width to fit any kind of perimeter requirement

Frangitalia Standard vs. Closed

The ‘closed’ version of the Frangitalia provides full screening compared to the standard Frangitalia; the louvers of the closed Frangitalia are placed to the same  distance (46 mm), but are about 10 mm longer at shoulders welded to the round bars; the length of the angled part remains unchanged.