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Pressed Steel Gratings

Press grating is produced by wedging the cross bars into the bearing bars. The interlocking is achieved by exerting considerable pressure on the cross bars to achieve a perfect connection with the bearing bars so as to create a solid and compact structure.

The cross bars are lower in height and thickness than the bearing bars. In the DUPLEX variant, the pressed grating is manufactured using bearing bars and cross bars of equal thickness.

Pressed grating is used both in civil construction, appreciated for its high aesthetic appeal, and in the industrial sector; in particularly slippery environments, serrated pressed grating is used; the serration can be present on the bearing bar only or on both bearing and cross bars.


  • Acciaio al carbonio UNI EN 10250  S235JR oppure S355JR
  • Finitura: Zincatura a caldo secondo UNI EN ISO 1461

Other types of steel

  • Stainless steel AISI 304L – AISI 316L – AISI 321 – AISI 2205
  • Aluminium alloy 5754 H111
  • Other alloys on request

Standard colours

  • White RAL 9010
  • IvorY RAL 1013
  • Grey RAL 7038
  • Grey RAL 7015
  • Grey RAL 7016
  • Green RAL 6005
  • Brown RAL 8017
  • Black RAL 9005
  • Other colours on request

Pressed gratings mesh sizes

Duplex pressed Gratings

The DUPLEX pressed grating consists of bearing bars and cross bars of equal thickness.