Serrated open mesh steel grating

Serrated press-welded steel grating produced by EMMEGI spa is suitable for both industrial and civil applications. The serrated profile of the bearing bar enhances its gripping characteristics and make it suitable for the most slippery conditions. The serrated bearing bar is available int he following standard sizes 25×2mm; 25×3mm; 30×2mm; 30x3mm; 40x3mm; 50x3mm. Serrated gratings […]

Walkway and vehicular grating

EMMEGI spa produces the range of gratings for the building industry which are used in  pedestrian and/or veichular traffic areas. Production range includes mats in standard dimensions 1 metre wide and 6 metres long as well as framed and galvanised panels cut to size according to customer requirements. PRODUCTION RANGE Mesh 25 and Heel-Proof grating […]

CE-marked steel Gates

Steel gates manufactured by EMMEGI spa are designed according to the European safety standards. The new automatic production line of steel gates built at EMMEGI plant has an innovative system based on a software that designs the gates in agreement with the European safety standards, and therefore each gate manufactured by EMMEGI spa is provided […]

Antivertigo System

When platforms and stairs, made of open mesh, are placed at high elevation they might cause dizziness. For such reason, EMMEGI has developed an ANTIVERTIGO SYSTEM that has been specifically designed to provide a visual barrier  when looking down  at the floor or the staircase.  The characteristics of the special grating of the Antivertigo system […]


EMMEGI spa produces a wide range of press-welded grating for the industrial sector. Thanks to a controlled electrofusion process that allows the complete penetration of the cross bars into the bearing bars, EMMEGI grating offers exceptional strength and resistance. Press-welded grating is widely used in the industrial sector due to its strength, durability and versatility. […]

Ball proof grating

Ball-proof grating,  is specially designed to prevent small objects from falling through the grating, used for platforms and walkways, mounted at height. Ball-proof grating  panels are widely used in both industrial and civil construction sectors to ensure that small objects larger than 20cm in diameter are retained by the grating mesh for the safety of […]

Heel proof grating

Heel-proof grating are characterised by  spacing between the bearing bars less than or equal to 15mm. EMMEGI spa manufactuers heel-proof grating in standard self-coloured mats  of 1 m width and 6m length Cut-to-size framed and galvanized heel-prrof grating panels can be produced to meet any customer dimensions.       See the full range of […]

Steel Grating Stair Treads

Emmegi spa manufactures stair treads in steel grating, for outdoor staircases and safety stairs. The stair treads are made of metal grating, in standard dimensions, or to customer-supplied dimensions. The standard size steps, produced in various grating meshes, are available from stock, hot-dip galvanised and ready for delivery. The grating stair treads offer several advantages, […]

GRP Moulded Grating

GRP grating (general polyester resin) This type of grating is used for the construction of walkways, stairs, platforms, ventilation grids, fences, and in many other applications where a surface resistant to weathering, corrosion and wear is required. In fact, GRP composite offers excellent resistance to chemicals, making it suitable for use in aggressive environments where […]