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19-W-4 Electrowelded Grating

Pannello in grigliato metallico elettrodsaldato maglia 34x38 bordato e zincato

Electrowelded grating  offers an important functional advantage over other types of flooring thanks to its drainage and ventilation characteristics and for the ease of installation, which is carried out by means of simple fixing devices that allow it to be removed, when necessary, to carry out maintenance work.

EMMEGI spa produces a wide range of electrowelded bar gratings: thanks to a controlled electrofusion process that allows the complete penetration of the cross bars into the bearing bars, EMMEGI grating offers exceptional strength and resistance. 

19-W-4 Bar Grating

  • Steel Quality: UNI-EN 10025 S235 or S355
  • Coating: Hot-dip galvanisation according to UNI-EN-ISO 1461

Serrated bearing bars

EMMEGI spa also manufactures bar gratings with serrated bearing bars, also known as super anti-slip grating. The serrations are made on the bearing plate; they enhance its gripping characteristics and make it suitable for the most slippery conditions. 

Photogallery | Electrowelded gratings for industrial applications


Cut-to-size panels

Finished framed panels with kick plate