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EMMEGI | La Nuova Meridionale Grigliati, produzione di grigliati, recinzioni, cancelli, scale, gradini

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Grating Fence | Emmegigrigliati

Recinzione | La Nuova Meridionale Grigliati

Emmegi is leader in production and marketing of electrofused steel grating fences. Our company is provided with requirements of functionality, security and sturdiness, Emmegi’s fences are ideal for civil and industrial complex, for the realization of parapets, terraces and balconies.Read more

Gates CE Mark | Emmegigrigliati

Cancelli Emmegi Grigliati

La Nuova Meridionale Grigliati has been enhanced with a new production plant of automated gates. All the fences require gates that allow the passage of pedestrians or transit of means; each gate designed by our company is made according to the demands of our customers through an innovative design software. The infill panel can be realized with any type of fence or railing. Each gate is made according to the new regulations for the CE mark (user manual, maintenance and identification label).Read more

Electrofused steel grating | Emmegigrigliati

Recinzione a lamelle Emmegi

FRANGITALIA is a louver fence obtained by an electrofused grating produced in our plant in Gioia del Colle (BA).

Concealment combined with design, makes the best solution for screening and cladding applications.In the picture a completed project for one of our customers abroad, where protection and privacy are

Read more

Grating Fences 
Horizontal grating