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The importance of a good hot-dip galvanisation on metal grating

When choosing a new fence or a steel grating product, in addition to the model and mesh it is important to choose the right surface protection. Emmegi Grigliati offers the service of hot-dip galvanisation to provide long-durability and resistance to its products.

Hot-dip galvanisation is the most popular method of protecting ironwork from the aggression of atmospheric agents,. This methodology consists of covering the entire metal surface by means of a zinc coating, an element that has excellent self-passivating characteristics. It is characterised by a rapid activation: during this initial phase a layer of zinc oxide forms on the metal surface;  a long passivity interval, maturing over time, protects the metal for decades.

Galvanisation  also provides corrosion protection even in the presence of disruptions in the coating layer (scratches and etchings). Zinc, being less chemically noble than iron, sacrifices itself by oxidizing instead of the ferrous substrate providing a permanent cathodic protection.

Hot-dip galvanisation phases of Emmegi metal gratings:

  • Surface cleaning   (elimination of traces of paint, adhesives, cement, etc.)
  • Degreasing in alkaline solution (removal of oily residues)
  • Pickling in hydrochloric acid HCl = 120/130 q/lt (elimination of all oxide layers )
  • Washing (elimination of all traces of acid)
  • Fluxing in ZnCl2-NH4Cl solution
  • Drying
  • Immersion in molten zinc (temperature: 440° to 460° degrees Celsius).

Industry standards  for galvanised grating

Hot dip galvanisation coating on metal finished products and steel items.

UNI EN 10346
Low-carbon steel strips and sheets coated by continuous hot dip treatment / Delivery conditions.

UNI EN 10244
Steel wires and drawn products.
Nonferrous metal coatings of steel wires.
Zinc and  zinc alloys coatings.

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