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Telescopic sliding gates

C E marked telescopic gates

Telescopic sliding gates manufactured by EMMEGI spa are the ideal solution when the available space prevents the installation of a classic sliding gate.

They are designed and manufactured in a two-wing version or a three-wing version in cases where the opening space is particularly restricted. Telescopic gates allow an opening length of up to 15 m.

Telescopic gates | Construction details

EMMEGI spa’s telescopic gate adopts a sliding solution that allows the sections of the gate to be packed in parallel. The structure of the gates is made of press-bent profiles or rectangular-section tubular profiles. The infill paneling is bolted to the structure and can be made with any type of fence pattern manufactured by EMMEGI (i.e. electrowelded grating panels or railings)

Certification and User Manual

Each individual gate manufactured by EMMEGI spa is provided with a C E marked metal identification plate and is delivered with its own installation, operation and maintenance manual.

The new automated gate production line, built at the EMMEGI factory, is equipped with a robot system based on design software that designs the gates in accordance with current European standards. Each gate is designed using software that dimensions the gate structure in compliance with the technical and safety requirements of EN UNI EN 13241:2016: Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates – Product standard, performance characteristics.


Telescopic sliding gates are available in 2 models:

  • Two-leaf packed
  • Three-leaf packed


  • Hot-dip galvanisation according to UNI EN ISO 1461
  • Polyester powder coating in a wide variety of colours

Packing and delivery

Each gate is individually packed with all the necessary precautions to preserve the integrity of the paintwork. It comes with all accessories for the assembly