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Steel grating fixing clips

Grating fixing clips are suitably shaped element that enables the anchorage of grating panels to the support structure and/or to make several panels joined together

Types of fixing clips

The fixing clips are made up of the following elements:

  • Top anchoring element, ring or butterfly plate
  • Screw and nut
  • Lower anchoring element

The upper anchoring elements differ according to the spacing of the bearing bars: mesh 15-22 mm; 25/30 mm; 34 mm.


Zinc coating

Both upper and lower anchoring elements are galvanised in accordance with EN ISO 1461.


Installation does not require a power tool, the grating fixing clips can be tightened with a  flat head screwdriver or an Allen key. Panels can be easily removed and repositioned for maintenance purposes.

In corrosive environments I and for certain installation conditions, special fixing clips must be used to anchor the grating panels safely. Contact us to verify the most suitable technical solution

Fixing clip for grating mesh 15 mm

Fixing clip for grating mesh 22, 25, 30, 34 mm

Clips for connecting adiacent panels