GRP Moulded Grating

GRP grating (general polyester resin)

This type of grating is used for the construction of walkways, stairs, platforms, ventilation grids, fences, and in many other applications where a surface resistant to weathering, corrosion and wear is required. In fact, GRP composite offers excellent resistance to chemicals, making it suitable for use in aggressive environments where a conventional steel grating might degrade over time. GRP grating is also highly valued for its light weight and ease of installation and maintenance.

Composite gratings offer an optimal combination of strength, durability and lightness, making them ideal for a variety of industrial and architectural applications.

25mm Open Moulded Grating

This is an Isophthalic or General Polyester resin moulded GRP grating panel.
Up to 50% lighter than steel, finished with a hard wearing anti-slip gritted surface.
Compliant with national and international recognised standards.

Material: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
Technology: Molded
Surface: Concave, Gritted, Smooth
Color: Yellow, Gray, Blue, Green, or Customized
Resins: Orthophthalic, Isophthalic, Vinyl ester or Phenolic

  Mechanical properties

Load Bearing Bar Size: 25×7 mm (tapered)

Load Bearing Bar Centres (A): 38 mm

Load Bearing Bar Centres (B): 38 mm

Max clear span at 3kN/sqm: 664 mm

Max clear span at 5kN/sqm: 600 mm

Max clear span at 5kN/sqm with 4mm max deflection : 560 mm

Max clear span at 7.5kN/sqm: 489 mm

Fire Rating ASTM E84 class A< 25

Panel weight : 12.7 kg/sqm