Anticlea, railing fence

ANTICLEA is a railing fence of an elegant design, particularly suitable to enhance the beauty of villas and detached houses,  having the merit of reflecting the style of the classical buildings. Anticlea delivers the same robustness of a wrought iron fences with the advantage of being a modular fence system that is easy to install. The original configuration of this charming fence combines elegance with the solidity guaranteed by the use of solid steel bars of 12 mm diameter.

Applications: Villas, detached houses, classical style buildings, archaeological sites and public parks


Construction: Railing fence ANTICLEA by EMMEGI is formed by monolithic modular panels made of vertical steel round bars of Ø 12 mm diameter that terminate at the top with a rounded edge.  Those bars are joined together by electrofusion welding, with  horizontal elements placed at the top and bottom of the panel.  The horizontal elements consist of  two 25×6 mm steel  flat bars, spaced at 100 mm,  joined at the end with the fence post by means of  fixing element ( hole 12×16 mm) .

ANTICLEA Fence measures

  • Standard panel width: 1992 mm
  • Standard Panel Heights: 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm, 1800 mm, 2000 mm
  • Distance between posts: 2000  mm (center-to-center)

Fence Panels

  • Material: UNI EN 10025 S235JR carbon steel
  • Vertical elements: steel round bars of Ø 12 mm diameter
  • Horizontal elements: 25×6 mm steel  flat bars
  • Distance between vertical bars: 110 mm (center to center)

Fence Posts

  • Material: UNI EN 10025 S235JR carbon steel
  • Standard posts:  flat steel bars 60×7 mm
  • Posts are provided with two holes, at top and bottom,  for hooking the panels

Fixing elements

  • Standard system: Hexagon head screw M10x30 and stainless steel hexagon nut M10
  • Anti-theft system: TTQST M10x30 screw and M10 stainless steel anti-theft nut, also available in black color


  • Hot-dip galvanisation according to UNI EN ISO 1461
  • Polyester powder coating in dark grey, black or customised colors


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